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Who is this guy?




Spending late nights behind my pc making CG art: It’s 4 o'clock in the morning, I just have to push this last scene trough the render. When I take a final look at the clock I realize it’s already 5 o'clock, but I don't care. I will go throughout the night if I have to. Why? Because I love my job. Making digital art is what I do.


People usually think: ‘what is that guy doing in his room all day, what is going on in that little machine?’ He is like an inventor of his own world. Nobody really understands what he is doing but when he comes out of his room, and shows his newest creation, it all seems to make sense. That has been my life. I wanted to create my own world as a 3D artist. Spending late hours wasn't torturous for me. I couldn't go to bed without being satisfied with my work. I would spend hours thinking about what I could do more to master my work. Thinking about all the problems I have left unsolved. 3D is my passion, it's what I am living for.


So, hello world, my name is Lucas Weij and I am a 3D artist. I live in a little place called Castricum (located near Amsterdam) where I spend my time working on what I love to do most, which is making digital art.


Who is this guy?

My skillset

Mayor software:

Other software:







3D Max













Unreal 4














Phone (m)         (+ 031 ) 6 576 60 576

Date of Birth:    04/01/1987

Nationality :      Dutch

Email:                lucas.weij@gmail.com

Web site :         http://www.lucasweij.com

Blog:                 http://lucasweij.blogspot.nl/




- 2013  -  Communication and Multimedia Design

( NHL - Leeuwarden)


- 2008  -  DTP

(Friesepoort - Drachten)







Work Experience


January 2014 - Present

-3D artist at Nmtrix

             - Concept artist

             - Modeling

             - Texturing

             - Zbrush



February 2013 – 2014

- Freelance Anathema:

             - Modeling

             - Texturing

             - Zbrush

             - Nuke

             - Photoshop

             - Camera tracking


January 2010 – January 2011

- Internship at Nmtrix:

             - Modeling

             - Texturing

             - Zbrush


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